When acquiring a new skill, it is extremely important to motivate yourself additionally. It gives meaning to the learning, it allows you to keep in mind the list of benefits that will become reality after learning a language. Given that it sometimes takes a long time to master a skill, a person needs to overcome moments of apathy. In the study of a foreign language there are additional advantages. Consider the most pleasant of them – they will become your support in difficult times.

It’s hard to learn any foreign language, it’s even harder to keep repeating the same thought: “It will be great when one day I learn this language and can speak it.” In addition to the erroneousness of such a thought (a specific day will never come), destructive thoughts also visit a person. We will try to rid you of them, replacing them with thoughts that will help you find an additional incentive, and therefore the strength to learn further.


It increases the speed of learning other skills

As you learn a new language, your cognitive abilities are improving. For example, memorizing words will train your memory. In addition, you can learn other languages indirectly without learning them. You will be able to understand the general concepts of languages and intuitively understand others (not only phonetically, but also structurally).


It enhances your math skills

The University of Massachusetts conducted a study in 2007 and concluded that children who learn a second language, even with the fact that they spend less time on studying math, improve their math ability. If you just think about it, the conclusion suggests itself – language learning involves your structural and logical processes in the brain, which is the same as mathematics.That is, you still have to learn mathematics itself, but the brain will be more inclined towards it if you learn other languages.


It makes you a better listener

This is a great skill that we need anytime, anywhere. If you think about it, you can see in any situation the advantage of listening to the person without interruption (Carnegie devoted an entire chapter to this issue in his book). When learning a new language, you essentially have no choice but to listen carefully to people, try to grasp their accent and the meaning of what was said. In addition, you simply cannot interrupt the person, because you are not particularly versed in a new language for you. It also allows you to develop empathy.


It increases your focus

It’s almost impossible to learn a new language and get distracted all the time. In order to not only learn, but also to understand the new rule, to understand the sentence, you need to stay focused (as with any new skill). You will understand that the slightest distraction can ruin the progress you have made in the last minutes. That will automatically show you the harm of a switched on mobile phone and other irritants.


It increases your confidence

When we set any goal and achieve it, it inevitably leads to an increase in self-confidence. This is how a person is made. You’ve probably read the advice of some productive people who wrote that if something doesn’t work out for you, do what you get – tidy up the table, wash the dishes, throw out the trash. Small successes like these instantly start a chain of success in your head and build confidence. When we manage to conduct a dialogue for 30 seconds in an unfamiliar language, this gives tremendous energy, our perception increases significantly. It is important that you celebrate your small successes yourself. If you cannot enjoy small victories, the brain will be discouraged and tire quickly.


It prevents potential brain diseases

We used to think that sport can prevent a lot of physical problems. Learning a new language can delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by 4.5 years, which is significantly more than modern drugs are capable of. The bottom line is that multilingual people create more neural pathways in the brain, which in turn allows the brain not to scroll through the same thoughts and patterns (which is often the cause of schizophrenia).


It improves your native language

It’s well known that learning a second language allows you to look at your native language and start noticing in it those things that you never thought about before. An intuitive understanding of language is great, but it is not a way up. Any linguist or writer will tell you that there are different levels of understanding in your native language and that the same fictional text is perceived differently in your own language and in a foreign language.


It increases your creativity

Learning a language is like putting together all the pieces of one puzzle. In one sentence, you can know half of the words, and guess the other half from the context. In addition, when you talk to a native speaker of the language you are learning, your brain begins to frantically get out of the awkward situation, look for the necessary words, synonyms of the word that you have forgotten. All of this helps you become inventive. When each of us is back against the wall, amazing things begin to happen.


It increases cultural awareness

The bottom line is that a speaker of a new language for you is a direct embodiment of the culture of this country. Watching a film full of dialogues will tell you less about the culture of this country than the usual dialogue with its inhabitant. This makes you more diverse as a person and allows you to avoid many conflicts, because you begin to study a different culture, a different psychology, and take all the best.


It opens up new career opportunities

We came to globalization, and then the Internet also appeared. According to various statistics, knowledge of two languages increases your salary possibilities from 10 to 15%. And when used correctly, it can turn your life around. If you want to do business, it is imperative not to close any doors for yourself – any of them can be a huge opportunity. There is nothing worse than an offer of a new job with a salary increase several times, provided that you know a language that you do not know.


It converts a travel in adventure

This is no longer only an easy journey for you, this is a journey to a country whose language you know. It’s a wonderful feeling when the awkwardness of being in a foreign country, which you have felt before, is erased. Yes, you do not look like a native of this country, but people will also be happy to do business with you when they learn that you have visited this state for the first time and you have the right accent. People with a funny accent cannot be perceived adequately by people, there is nothing you can do about it.


It deepens your relationship

If you are lucky to find a partner in the country whose language you are studying, it is important to speak fluently. You might want to make an impression with the correct accent and competent speech.

The next time you have thoughts about the pointlessness of further language learning, remember these benefits. For motivation, it is always important to repeat to yourself why you are doing what you are doing, and not be limited to one phrase. When you learn a language and at the same time understand that it develops memory and makes you more creative and strong.

Leave your comments on what other benefits of learning a new language you know.


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I have your program Spanish Course 1. And find it to be pretty much what I need to improve my language skills. I’m a US expat living in Costa Rica and wish to speak properly here.

Your course gives me the challenge and instructional level I require to improve my language skills.

Inga Kimple
Inga Kimple

I have tried a few Language learning systems over the past 2 years, but have never really made much progress. Finally I found Maestro24, and bingo things started to sink in.

I still have the enthusiasm to use the system whenever I can and am able to use enough Spanish to visit Spanish only areas and make myself understood.

Helen Phillips
Helen Phillips

Being able to communicate in Spanish has been a personal goal for several years. I’m so glad that I discovered this Spanish Course - the relevant and interesting lessons, that include proper pronunciation and translations, have been so helpful. It’s the best motivator.

Mike Land
Mike Land

I was looking for an Innovative Language Learning. I can say that it’s a great way for improving Spanish. Its audio and video are amazing and help a lot.

Gina Damasio
Gina Damasio

A fantastic design and the best way to learn Spanish, accessible, easy to use and certainly value for money. Makes learning fun and gives you the desire to keep coming back and learning more. I’ve tried loads of ways to learn Spanish, Maestro24 is simply the best way to become fluent.

Duncan O’Niell
Duncan O'Niell

It's a very interactive course. And I could make a simple conversation in a month! I'm really inspired!

Super fun!
Vanessa Lee

I used to have a lot of problems learning Spanish at school, but with this course it turned out to be fun and very productive!
A lot of activities, a hole bunch of quizzes, all these things help a lot!

A very interactive course
Sam Scott

The course was realy useful and learning was a great fun! I liked it a lot! Looking forward to new courses!

I could make a simple conversation in a month!
Lin Nelson
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