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About school

We are an international Spanish language online school. We teach Spanish in English and Russian to anybody who wants to learn it. Also, we develop Spanish online courses for other schools, universities and enterprenuer projects.

The methodology, all the courses and materials were created by our founder, a native Spanish speaker, also a polyglot. He’s a graduated member of the University of Toronto, a top-clas professor with over 16 years of experience.

Our teachers are native Spanish speakers, graduated from European and American universities. They have been rigorously selected to work at the school.

Our advantages

High quality and excellent world-class service


High qualification

Teachers with 16+ years of experience, graduated from the TOP 10 best universities in the world


Reasonable price

The highest quality training is available for 90% of residents without loans


70% practice

The course is based on interactive simulators. We train vocabulary and grammar easily


Unique methods

Allows you to master a lot of new material without stress and cramming


Lifetime access

All the information and unlimited access to materials and simulators will remain with you forever


Personal bonuses

Access to books and films for beginners, memory cards for better comprehension

Learn From the Best

Our online courses are built in partnership with technology leaders and are relevant to industry
needs. Upon completing an Online course, you’ll receive a completion certificate.

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Maestro24 was developed with the hope of showing the world how enjoyable and easy learning Spanish can be. At Maestro24 we sincerely believe that learning can be fun and convenient at the same time. We know how busy you are and that every day brings unexpected surprises. That is exactly why we bring you the lessons and let you decide when to start.

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By purchasing Spanish courses at Maestro24, you get the most complete system of self-study, as well as access to books and films of your level.




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I have your program Spanish Course 1. And find it to be pretty much what I need to improve my language skills. I’m a US expat living in Costa Rica and wish to speak properly here.

Your course gives me the challenge and instructional level I require to improve my language skills.

Inga Kimple
Inga Kimple

I have tried a few Language learning systems over the past 2 years, but have never really made much progress. Finally I found Maestro24, and bingo things started to sink in.

I still have the enthusiasm to use the system whenever I can and am able to use enough Spanish to visit Spanish only areas and make myself understood.

Helen Phillips
Helen Phillips

Being able to communicate in Spanish has been a personal goal for several years. I’m so glad that I discovered this Spanish Course - the relevant and interesting lessons, that include proper pronunciation and translations, have been so helpful. It’s the best motivator.

Mike Land
Mike Land

I was looking for an Innovative Language Learning. I can say that it’s a great way for improving Spanish. Its audio and video are amazing and help a lot.

Gina Damasio
Gina Damasio

A fantastic design and the best way to learn Spanish, accessible, easy to use and certainly value for money. Makes learning fun and gives you the desire to keep coming back and learning more. I’ve tried loads of ways to learn Spanish, Maestro24 is simply the best way to become fluent.

Duncan O’Niell
Duncan O'Niell

It's a very interactive course. And I could make a simple conversation in a month! I'm really inspired!

Super fun!
Vanessa Lee

I used to have a lot of problems learning Spanish at school, but with this course it turned out to be fun and very productive!
A lot of activities, a hole bunch of quizzes, all these things help a lot!

A very interactive course
Sam Scott

The course was realy useful and learning was a great fun! I liked it a lot! Looking forward to new courses!

I could make a simple conversation in a month!
Lin Nelson