If you need to remember a huge amount of information, and there is very little time, then you can use a unique method –

interval repetition method.

Information is remembered best when a person regularly repeats it for a certain amount of time. It is important not to try to memorize information all day long. The essence of the method is similar to interval training in sports, when the intensity of the exercises alternates.

The advantage of internal repetition method is that the knowledge is stored in memory for a long time. For example, when students are preparing for exams, they used to learn everything in a week and pass the exam decently. But it turns out that this knowledge is practically not deposited in their heads. Many people after graduation from the institute do not remember practically anything from the educational program. This is due to the fact that the brain is not able to assimilate information received in a short time for a long time.

The internal repetition method is based on a completely different principle. In particular, you need to repeat the information you want to remember at regular intervals, and each time these time intervals become longer and longer.

For example, you need to remember some text very well. Then the internal repetition method will look something like this: we read the text, repeat after a few minutes, then repeat after a few hours, then after a day, then after a couple of days, after a week, after a month, and so on. As a result of such training, after a while you will remember the text or other necessary information in such a way that you can repeat it without hesitation even after a few years.

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I have your program Spanish Course 1. And find it to be pretty much what I need to improve my language skills. I’m a US expat living in Costa Rica and wish to speak properly here.

Your course gives me the challenge and instructional level I require to improve my language skills.

Inga Kimple
Inga Kimple

I have tried a few Language learning systems over the past 2 years, but have never really made much progress. Finally I found Maestro24, and bingo things started to sink in.

I still have the enthusiasm to use the system whenever I can and am able to use enough Spanish to visit Spanish only areas and make myself understood.

Helen Phillips
Helen Phillips

Being able to communicate in Spanish has been a personal goal for several years. I’m so glad that I discovered this Spanish Course - the relevant and interesting lessons, that include proper pronunciation and translations, have been so helpful. It’s the best motivator.

Mike Land
Mike Land

I was looking for an Innovative Language Learning. I can say that it’s a great way for improving Spanish. Its audio and video are amazing and help a lot.

Gina Damasio
Gina Damasio

A fantastic design and the best way to learn Spanish, accessible, easy to use and certainly value for money. Makes learning fun and gives you the desire to keep coming back and learning more. I’ve tried loads of ways to learn Spanish, Maestro24 is simply the best way to become fluent.

Duncan O’Niell
Duncan O'Niell

It's a very interactive course. And I could make a simple conversation in a month! I'm really inspired!

Super fun!
Vanessa Lee

I used to have a lot of problems learning Spanish at school, but with this course it turned out to be fun and very productive!
A lot of activities, a hole bunch of quizzes, all these things help a lot!

A very interactive course
Sam Scott

The course was realy useful and learning was a great fun! I liked it a lot! Looking forward to new courses!

I could make a simple conversation in a month!
Lin Nelson
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