The opinion of the doctor of biological sciences, psychophysiologist, head of
the laboratory of neurophysiology and neurointerfaces of Moscow State University

Today, there are many studies in which magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has allowed us to see how the volume of brain formations associated with speech increases when a person learns a second language, even an adult. This suggests that the brain has the resources for mastering several languages. There are studies that have shown a significant development of cognitive skills in people who speak two or more languages.

This is not surprising, because concepts are formed on the basis of language, and thinking is nothing more than operations with concepts.

Alexander Kaplan

It has long been noted that language poverty correlates with mental deficiency. This is primarily due to the fact that, as the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said, “the limits of our knowledge are determined by the boundaries of our language.” Learning languages is one of the most intellectual workloads of the brain. After all, this is not just a mechanical memorization of new words, but also the embedding of these words into a single system of concepts. Like any workout, language learning maintains high level of brain functionality.

A second or a third language explicitly makes the picture of the mental world richer in descriptions of how things and phenomena are interconnected. Thus, each object gets more “clues” for memorization and subsequent retrieval from memory. Memory becomes stronger, more capacious and associative. The latter quality is especially important, since associations are the basis of creativity.


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Inga Kimple

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Helen Phillips

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Mike Land

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Duncan O'Niell

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